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I did an experiment with my blur labpartner
& it went Kaboom


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Tuesday, December 21, 2010, 1:06 PM
Love came down, to a world still sleeping

I really wanted to let this blog decompose into dust and sand, but after reading my old posts it kinda made me wanna continue blogging just for a little while. (:

Musical Ended. It's such a sad thing that i better not start ranting or else it'll never end.
Basically it's sth that has become part of my life and it's over. gah.

Orientation. i'm still abit blur abt why the alumni (aka my exco) has to do the planning and running this year. but that's not the point, the point is i'm being orientation OIC again.

at least i have one more chance to serve the school before i start a new life at a jc. (:


12:22 PM


Wednesday, June 2, 2010, 7:05 PM

you really gotta stop being a bitch.
everything you say sounds so puerile.

I've got nothing more to say because you're labeled as an annoying bitch and that itself says a great deal.
you're everything everyone detests.

Friday, January 1, 2010, 3:06 PM

I want to see the world
I want to love my life
But without you Lord
Nothing satisfies

I want the joy that comes
From knowing the depths of Jesus’ Love
Deeper than the deepest oceans
Higher than the skies above

I will rejoice in you, for you are good
And joy flows like a river
As I live for you alone, So Lord,
Hold me and keep me
Till by grace you bring me home

Lord, you gave me your life
Paid for my every sin
On the cross you died
To bring the strangers in

I want the joy that comes
From knowing the power of Jesus’ Love
Jesus is my only treasure
Jesus came to seek the lost


I’ve got joy like a river
I’ve got joy like a river
I’ve got joy like a river in my soul
I’ve got joy like a river
I’ve got joy like a river
I’ve got joy like a river in my soul

Saturday, December 5, 2009, 9:58 AM

This was the photo taken when we checked out (:
Overall, it was a rockinghot success! <3 i'm so pleaseddddd :D

Here's a song created by the sec2s, which i think can be our PC song already! xD
To The Tune: You Belong With Me -  Taylor Swift
You're on the phone with your parents
They're upset
Cos you've been spending too much time
Staying back
They think that you never study for 'O' Levels

We're in school
It's a typical Wednesday
You do your duty but they don't care what you say
Cos they don't appreciate you like we do

They wear white shoes
We wear black shoes
They have normal badge
We have golden badge
Thinking 'bout the days when we stay back together
And listen to all those debriefs

Staying back and hanging in the PR
Thinking just how cool and awesome we are
You're always a PeeCee

Borrowing skirts from the PR every week
Running up and down school just to find teachers
And asking them to edit your proposals
Hey isn't it tiring?

Organising events makes you go all stressed
You feel like slacking and 'pangseh' everything
But you know that a PC is responsible?
And you have to live up to its name!


Staying back and hanging in the PR
Thinking just how cool and awesome we are
You're always a PeeCee
Doing prefect duties when you wish that
You can just go and hang out with your friends
You're always a PeeCee
You're always a PeeCee

Awesome stuff, sec2s! xD
Realised i havent officially replied some tags!
endy- well cos you're elmo, endy. face it. xD
huaywen- lol it's dominic, sweetie.
jaren- hahaha, ahhh!
glam kaushi- HAHAHA yea that was super retarded we just screamed lol!!
Lexin- Riverdance was really niceeee! Hello buddy!
azritania- HELLO AZRI (:
Jaimelynne&Caryn- Hello! Yea 6 diligence ftw! Hope you enjoyed open house! Are you guys deciding to come to cedar?
Caryn- Hello Caryn! Yea tourgroup 14 xD thankssssss! (:

Tuesday, December 1, 2009, 1:20 PM
Movin' my hips like YEAH.

i'm feeling sluggish. i've got homework and revision to do, exclamation mark.
I'm just like staring at the screen and see more alphabets forming.
i dont know what i'm doing.

and yes, it's 1st December.

Open House (28th)
Turn up was superawesomefabulous! Was really an overwhelming response. (((: thumbs up!
Sher Min is so cute, haha.
hurray tour guides!

PC Chalet (30th-1st)
it was THE BOMB! (:
i shall blog about it later.
i really gotta try completing some
Everest homework.

Thursday, November 26, 2009, 9:39 PM

Kaushi KauHE. "I love cows and hate cats."

HAHAHA. Kaush's whining to me about the juniors laughing that if she was a guy she'll be called KauHE.
awwwww! xD

These few days were fullll of walking, omgee.
Mr kang brought us out to recee the route for homecoming
walked the whole school once twice thrice because of open house prep
walked with kau to get the food stuff settled for PC chalet.

tomorrow's a holidayyyyyy! think i'm going swimming again (:

if you dong know how to
don't act
what comes out
is noise
not music.

Monday, November 23, 2009, 11:52 PM
This planet earth turns slowly

You would not believe your eyes
If ten million fireflies
Lit up the world as i fell asleep.

Woke up really early today in order to get a ride on dad's car.
okay i realize how dumb that sounded.
cheap trills.

'Cause i get a thousand hugs
from ten thousand lightning bugs
As they tried to teach me how to dance

Choir was fun today. never knew one day i'll say this. (:
Danced "In My Daughter's Eyes" we choreographed ourselves.
Felt good when LY told me it looked real nice!
I must say i had a good time doing ballet with LY,
in our parquet floored-big mirrored-wooden barred
pirouette. pointe.
To ten thousand fireflies
I'm weird 'cause i hate goodbyes
I got misty eyes as they said farewell

Was talking to a junior about her breakup
when i got reminded of my very first
it's hard, and i know the feeling about wanting to be
the BEST GIRLFRIEND a guy can ever have
but in the end it just doesnt work
not anyone's fault
but just

Simple reason? Because God isnt so stupid to give you THE ONE when we're like, still studying?

Was surfing the net
and found so many blogs; corruption
what freaked me out was that even nanamilktea's
okay actually why am i surprised.

People are scary ):
like jaren the masochist.
big laughs.

But i'll know where several are
If my dreams get real bizarre
'Cause i saved a few and kept them in a jar

Saying goodbye to ziyad and yinshuen, flying to Egypt and Korea respectively! (:
and Saying take care to kevin, currently in Malaysia (:

everyone's overseas.

zb- hahaha (: yeaaaa
hornz- JH! bloomingsdale day babe, devshorn.:D
pris:D- hello (:
endy- hello elmo-donk, moo!
Sharmaine- hahaha those pictures look good with you in them.
{eunice}- Hello! thanks for visiting!
kaushi- eeeeeeee! xD hahha yayyyyyyy! jiayou with food, babe. call muah.
Rachel- kay! (: linked!

Friday, November 20, 2009, 11:43 PM

How can small flowers grow
If the wild winds blow
and the cold snow
Is all around?

How can the frail birds fly
If their homes on high
Have been torn down
To the ground?

Cedar Choir performed an item "Riverdance" with Singapore American School. I love the melodyyyy! <3 Was another great experience performing for a concert. refreshed memories of Cedar Choir Limelight and Cedar Musical. (:

So apparently jiaying's in love with jovan. and why not dominic because he's too young.
Jiaying's definition of too young? 18-14 = 4 years. Appropriate age? 24-14 =10 years.
Dommy Dommy Dominic. Lol.

i said, shush girl, shut your lips.

aaaanyway. i cant wait for PC chalet. somehow i want to get things done and prepared for it, but it's too early. like buying the cake and decorating it... printingthisprintingthat.

i got inspired to either learn flute of violin, after grade8 piano of course.
Went to the new old cedar campus, aka cedar ave, and my the foyer looks goooood! but the rest seems similar though. but oh well. hurray to nice toilets! :D

How can the tree stand tall
If the rain wont fall
To wash
Its branches down?

And how can the heart survive
Can it stay alive
If its love's 
Denied for long?

Monday, November 16, 2009, 10:20 PM
Splash in bikinis.

Went for swimming with pamela!
Pamela, we rox yoz.
hahaha, sun bathing was gorgeous
and the swim's good as well.
I'm asking Lex to join us next week (:

so i have a nice tan and so does pamela!

Organized a PC Chalet recee trip today
with Kaushi and So Won, cause the rest are at perak :/
Settled most stuff, whoopie!
Swan's the cutest. ^^
We three were using an umbrella in the rain
and at the shelter, she realised that she brought an umbrella herself!

Kau asked me to blog about her.
Well kau, moo.
the glammy one, hahaha!

Thursday, November 12, 2009, 1:57 PM

well i dont see a point in your blogging about your life
because there's no meaning
to either

it's freaking raininggggg, again!
at this rate i'll become a big blob of lipid
squishy, too.
Guy loves squishy stuff, like me.

i convinced rachelle and rw to go for youthcamp
like finally in the godzillionth year!
hhaha, whooopie. (:

PC chalet planning's going on well.
the chalet's not a room but a garden terrace! <3
there's a swimming pool with a water slide, plus jacuzzi!
it's time to put on our bikinis and dive, babes. :D

pamela and i webcammed yesterday and we were SUPER retarded.
we were like singing and dancing to the tv ad
"Let's make our world the most beauuuutiful home!"
then i took 2 green pillows and started waving them to and fro
like light sticks in a concert
like leaves in the wind

Mom brought me to try jeanyip facial.
not bad uh. (:
the massage was super good.

Saturday, November 7, 2009, 12:03 PM

So, apparently nearly half the cedarian population knows about what happened in UK between me and a boy called Harry.

Thankyou, mdm faridah.

i've got lime juice in my brain
lemon juice in my mouth
grapefruit juice in my heart
onion juice in my eyes

like, literally. so much for appreciation; chopping up onions for lunch.

to know that everything's so...

Ordinary Levels.

Thursday, October 22, 2009, 8:58 PM

of course, i'm supposed to be at chinese tuition
but dad gave me a break
after seeing how tired i was after consequtive days of school, choir, tuition, school choir, tuition
really appreciate this break, although i'm not sure if missing a lesson's good D:
okay of course it isnt.

riverdance is cool. (:

Monday, October 19, 2009, 12:22 PM
Murder on the sidewalk

from mom.
after telling her how horribly i did for emath,
she sent me this picture i took of chiral hahaha!

anyway that was quite long ago
now i'm being murdered
silently assassinated
a huge hole
in my anatomy

oh, french connection united kingdom.

two things.
in another words.

ignore ignorance.
was i wrong?
did i make the wrong choice?
but then again,
it's over.
nothing will make it better.
so shutup
close your eyes
and move on.
(bloodyhell you're freaking hot)
You're devouring me slowly,
although you dont know it.

Sunday, October 18, 2009, 2:32 PM
&through that window i see you

i painted my nails rad. boomz.
i was thinking of going to source for netbooks
when i realised i'm having jiang with mel from tonight onwards
oh joy.
not that i dont want to go, but not so soooooon! ):
at least i have mel's company. but aww i'll miss ty, jh and sharl.
havta get into the mood.

oh and kevin's such an ass!

jt. says:

hoping to get at least an A
or i'll punch my face

Kevin says:
let me help!!!
i mean no, dun harm yourself

i'll punch his face too. xD

Tag Replies:
Jaren- hahahah okay, linked too (:
Vanessa- hahah, everyone's telling me it's hard to find. it's cute.
Ruiwen- and we did pon in the end, didnt we. it was accidental!! D:
Sharmaine- yea dude, exams over, and our lovely choir's here. lol!
Kevin- (roar)
Jinghan- hahah wheeee? horny, you. ^^V

Saturday, October 17, 2009, 7:07 PM
symphony 92.4

he pestered.
i agreed.
he bugged.
i said stop.
he said nothing can ruin it.
i said i had no passion to begin with.
he shutup.
those keys didnt entered my limbs
since genesis.
those sweet melody didnt touch my heart.
since alpha.
No matter how desperate you are
switching the radio channels to 92.4
uhuh, aint working.

Such puerility.

hello jh, ty, sharl, mel.

Friday, October 16, 2009, 10:53 PM

Right after physics paper, xp, char, abi, shuen and i went to marina barrage for a picnic!
turned out really nice! had a great fa-bu-lous time, love these people. (:
and it seems like after our exams, all the science we've learnt came to good use
and i mean, really.

kaushalya skanthakumar didnt come again!

Tag Replies:
xuepiao- hahahha yea another oneeee!
kaushi- hahahha, my dear blur labpartner. <3

3:19 PM

YUP. okay i decided to come back to blogging here.
partly because EYE just ended, whatever.

and congratulations, xp for being the first to peekaboo me.

Saturday, June 27, 2009, 2:28 PM

Thanks for Visiting! (:

i've decided to stop blogging so...


Sunday, May 17, 2009, 11:24 PM

so upset
so angry
so helpless
so pissed
so depressed
so scared
so annoyed
so furious
so sad
so confused

just why do you have to do this at this time, at this phase of my life, at this unstable period? desperate or what?

i'm so [aboves] that i'm going on hiatus.

hi·a·tus (hī-ā'təs)
n. pl. hi·a·tus·es or hiatus
1. A gap or interruption in space, time, or continuity; a break: